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Coronavirus: Covid 19 and Our Services

"Aquam Water Services is committed to providing a standpipe management service to you and will continue to remain available through the current Covid 19 pandemic. We are committed to our staff and customers and seek to minimise any contact which would place either party at risk of contracting Covid 19, as such we have changed our procedures as follows:

  • A skeleton staff will operate at the depot as staff home work where possible
  • Staff will remain available to deliver and collect standpipes as required
  • If you wish to off hire at the depot please ring in advance so that we can ensure we are available
  • Working hours at the depot will change to 7.30- 4.00pm"

Managing Director, Phil Walker

Covid 19: Risk Assessment Supporting Documents

Changes to Standpipe Hire Scheme

Only metered standpipes issued by Yorkshire Water via ​Aquam Water Services can be used.
Please read Yorkshire Water - Terms & Conditions and abide by them at all times.


Effective from 1st ​April ​2020 the following scale of charges will apply:

1 inch (Standard) Metered Standpipe Weekly Annual
Weekly Hire Rate and all subsequent weeks £27.00  
Annual Hire Rate (payable in advance) £15.38 £800.00
40mm (Large) Metered Standpipe Weekly Annual
First week and all subsequent weeks £51.05 £1,675.00

Meter readings must be supplied on a monthly basis and water usage will be charged at a rate of £1.3885 per cubic metre.

All prices quoted are exclusive of V.A.T

Please note that applications for the use of 40mm pipes are approved on an individual short term basis and are intended for use only on designated Wash-Outs which will be identified to you prior to release of equipment.

If you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 247 1099

For a detailed operational map in PDF format Click Here



For applicants of standpipes from 1st April 2010


Only metered standpipes up to 1” in diameter can be used.

To gain access to the Yorkshire Water network the only standpipes that can be used are supplied by ​Aquam Water Services working on behalf of Yorkshire Water.

WATER can only be drawn from the YW Water Network where you come across a YW Wash Out (WO)

FH Fire Hydrant


WO Wash Out

You may attach your metered standpipe to this.

Report any WO problems to Melanie Dawson.
Tel: 01274 804 457 or Tel: 08451 20 84 82.

Please read our Terms & Conditions and abide by them at all times.

ONLY metered standpipes issued by Aquam Water Services on behalf of Yorkshire Water can be used.