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Since 1st April 2007 Aquam Water Services has been handling applications for short term, small standpipe hires for use within the United Utilities Water network.

Our contact details are:

0151 257 7992


Unit 1, St Michaels Industrial Estate, St Michaels Close, Widnes, WA8 8TL

Our team are on hand to assist both new and existing customers with the standpipe application process and ensure that you receive your metered standpipe quickly and efficiently.

Please note that only approved standpipes obtained through ourselves may be used on the United Utilities network and the use of any other equipment will neither be compliant nor legal and could result in prosecution.

If you witness an unapproved standpipe being used please report it to us either directly to the depot or via a link on this page. All reports are treated in the strictest confidence.

Our depot opening hours are 7.30am to 4.00pm Mon - Friday.


Standpipe Applications

If you would like to process a standpipe application or receive a quote, please complete the below application form and a copy of your application/quote will be emailed to you and the depot for processing.

Please be aware that you must have an account with us to be able to place an order.

If you don’t currently have an account, please complete our Credit Account Application via the link on this page.

Standard Charges

25mm Metered Standpipe Rental - £33.50 per week

Water Usage - £1.8140 per cubic metre
(all prices exclude V.A.T)

Delivery & Collection

We are able to deliver standpipes within the United Utilities area for a charge – Price on application, alternatively customers may prefer to collect from their nearest available depot.

Meter Readings

All our standpipes are now supplied with smart meters that allow us to obtain meter readings remotely. On occasions we will request a meter reading from you and this can be supplied to us by:

Phone – 0151 257 7992

E-Mail – unitedutilities@waterservicesltd.com

Customers may also use the Meter Readings Form on this webpage.

Hydrant Use

Only United Utilities Equipment will be allowed to connect to the water network these are a unique design and easily recognizable.

Note, it is a criminal offence to connect to United Utilities water network using one of your own Standpipes you could be subject to a fine of £1000.00p and upon conviction for illegal use you will also be liable for any other claims made against United Utilities or Aquam Water Services. Ltd for damage or compensation as a result of the illegal connection.

United Utilities Standpipes now contain a built-in water meter that records your water usage , as per our terms & conditions it is the Standpipe users responsibility to provide us with a monthly reading which you will then be invoiced for the water used.

Aquam Water Services is working alongside United Utilities in implementing these new regulations and supplying any future applications for Standpipes.

If you require any further assistance please don’t hesitant to contact us.

Calm Network Operation Certificate  

Before the commencement of standpipe hire the user must undergo free on-line “Calm Network” certification training this is mandatory in the U.U. Area

To speed delivery, the user name and calm network certificate number should be quoted at the time of order so that we can generate the hire contract.

Please contact Martin Hoey who manages ​the training for us, on 0772 400 5616 and he will email you the link ​& coupon required to complete the training.

​The user/operator MUST have a valid Calm Network Operation Certificate which is awarded following the completion of ​the online training.

Opening and closing the hydrant must be managed in a SLOW controlled manner as to prevent any sudden changes in the pressurised flow of the main, which can result in transfer of natural sediment from the pipework being fed along the network.

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