Legal Requirements

Correct and lawful use of water standpipes by other network users can be challenging for water utilities to manage over vast networks.

As well as the cost of non-revenue water, illegal extraction can compromise water quality, posing a risk to public health, regulatory standards and company reputation.

For network users, the process of hiring a standpipe can be time consuming and complex as different utilities operate different procedures in neighbouring jurisdictions.

Accredited supplier

Aquam is a UVDB accredited supplier of licensed standpipes for many UK water utilities. We can identify, supply and deliver the correct, legally compliant standpipe to any authorised user of the network.

Clients include Yorkshire Water, United Utilities, Severn Trent Water, Thames Water, Southern Water and Sutton & East Surrey Water. Authorised standpipes can be colour-coded and branded, making it easier to spot unauthorised use.

When using a standpipe please be aware of the potential need to comply with the revised Safety at Street Works & Road Works code of practice.  

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Severn Trent clamps down on illegal use of fire hydrants

Severn Trent Water has joined up with Aquam to launch a clampdown on illegal use of its 300,000 fire hydrants across the Midlands, saying that such incidents are causing discolouration in water. 

Since the beginning of 2016 Severn Trent has successfully investigated 50 instances of illegal use of fire hydrants. Some of these investigations have led to formal cautions and in some circumstances criminal prosecutions.

All authorized standpipes are painted bright green and feature the Severn Trent and Aquam logos on them, making it easier to spot unauthorised use.

Customer Quote

“Companies and individuals that use our hydrants illegally can cause significant problems, including discolouration in our customers’ water because they simply don’t care about what their actions might result in.

“When we work with official users of our hydrants, which range from fire and rescue services to housebuilders, we make sure they’re aware that they can have a very real impact on our customers’ lives and we can educate them on how to use them properly.

“For us, water quality is an absolute priority so we really need everyone to become a hydrant hero and keep an eye out for anyone using an illegal standpipe because it could be your water they’re affecting.”

Dan Littlewood, water fittings senior technician, Severn Trent Water

Aquam Water Services are proud to have achieved the following accreditations.