Partners & Supply Areas

We operate throughout the United Kingdom working with many of the UK’s water authorities.

The Ofwat map indicates operational areas.

​Links ​on this page provide more information about our ​water partnerships.

Coronavirus: Covid 19 and Our Services

"Aquam Water Services is committed to providing a standpipe management service to you and will continue to remain available through the current Covid 19 pandemic. We are committed to our staff and customers and seek to minimise any contact which would place either party at risk of contracting Covid 19, as such we have changed our procedures as follows:

  • A skeleton staff will operate at the depot as staff home work where possible
  • Staff will remain available to deliver and collect standpipes as required
  • If you wish to off hire at the depot please ring in advance so that we can ensure we are available
  • Working hours at the depot will change to 7.30- 4.00pm"

Managing Director, Phil Walker

Covid 19: Risk Assessment Supporting Documents


Map Key

  • AFW – Affinity Water
  • BRL – Bristol Water
  • CHL – Cholderton & District Water
  • DVW – Dee Valley Water
  • ESK – Essex & Suffolk
    (part of Northumbrian Water)
  • HPL – Hartlepool
  • (part of Anglian Water)
  • PRT – Portsmouth Water
  • SBW – Sembcorp Bournemouth Water
  • SES – Sutton & East Surrey Water
  • SEW – South East Water
  • SSC – South Staffs Water

Aquam Water Services evolved as a result of 13 years’ experience of hiring standpipes throughout the country working with many of the U.K’s largest Water Authorities as a UVDB accredited supplier.

We are currently privileged to be working  with authorities including Yorkshire Water, United Utilities and Thames Water amongst others. Recent contract awards include Severn TrentSouth West Water and Bournemouth Water.

We realise many customers find it difficult to locate which water authority to use and the confusion surrounding the correct and lawful use of water Standpipes and the subsequent uncontrolled unregulated water extraction by unauthorised users.

Customers can often find the process of hiring a standpipe somewhat time consuming and frustrating as a result of being unfamiliar with the various Water Authorities jurisdictions, operating procedures and processes.

That is where Aquam Water Services can help. We provide a simple service of locating, organising and delivering the correct legally compliant standpipe.

Wherever you are working and require a standpipe please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance, as well as being formally contracted to a number of Water Authorities we also act as supply agents for many more and will be pleased to help.