Thames Water

Coronavirus: Covid 19 and Our Services

"Aquam Water Services is committed to providing a standpipe management service to you and will continue to remain available through the current Covid 19 pandemic. We are committed to our staff and customers and seek to minimise any contact which would place either party at risk of contracting Covid 19, as such we have changed our procedures as follows:

  • A skeleton staff will operate at the depot as staff home work where possible
  • Staff will remain available to deliver and collect standpipes as required
  • If you wish to off hire at the depot please ring in advance so that we can ensure we are available
  • Working hours at the depot will change to 7.30- 4.00pm"

Managing Director, Phil Walker

Covid 19: Risk Assessment Supporting Documents

From 1 May 2012 Aquam Water Services handle all hydrant licensing applications and charges for the use of standpipes on behalf of Thames Water.

Our contact details are: 

01895 231768

Fax: 01895 263889

All new applicants must obtain the correct user licence, which is based on your likely daily water requirements.

The scale of regular user licences and charges can be found in the following table:

Regular User Licences 

  All prices exclude VAT

Low Demand (0 to 1.0m³ per Day)
Only applicable to 25mm Standpipes

  £319.20 per Year
Average Demand
(1 to 10m³ per Day)  
  £1621 .05 per Year
High Demand
(10 to 20m³ per Day)
  £3248.36 per Year
Very High Demand
(More than 20m³ per day)
  By Agreement
Shorter Term Licences available   On Application

Daily Usage

  Allows to extract up to 20,000 litres per day
First Day   £126.33
Subsequent Days   £41.72

Once your user licence has been approved and purchased, you can then hire the standpipe applicable to your requirements which is usually 20mm in diameter. If you need a larger bore unit between 40–60mm please let us know when applying for your licence.

Please note: From 1 May 2012 only standpipes hired from ​Aquam Water Services will be allowed to be used on the Thames Water network and the use of any other equipment will not be compliant or legal and could result in your user licence being withdrawn.

Existing users will be allowed to continue to utilise their existing standpipe under the current licence agreement. Once this licence agreement expires a new licence together with a replacement standpipe hired from ​Aquam Water Services must be obtained.

All new standpipes will be supplied with integral water meters and users are required to report their monthly readings accordingly.

The hire charges for all standpipes are fixed according to the size of the standpipe required and the length of hire – charges are based on a weekly rate and invoiced on a monthly basis. Maximum deposit required £365.00.