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Lead Pipe Rehabilitation

Innovative technology for rapid relining of small-diameter lead communication and service pipes

Serline is the market leader in cleaning and resin‑lining small‑diameter lead pipes in situ.

This cost-effective pipeline restoration system is an alternative to traditional replacement methods such as moling and new‑lay, taking only 20 minutes, on average, to clean and line lead communication pipes in situ.

No-dig application of Serline minimises disruption to householders, local communities and traffic flow. Pipes to multiple properties can be completed each day.

No other company or system has successfully lined as many lead water communication and customer service pipes.


Step 1:

The pipe is cleaned by blowing small, inert granite crumbs along its length using an air vortex. This technique leaves the pipe warm, dry and ready for application of the resin.

Step 2:

The resin is blown into the pipe using the same air vortex technique and travels along its length, negotiating bends, to provide a smooth protective coating.

Step 3: 

The lining cures rapidly providing a barrier between the water and the lead pipe and helping prevent leakage. The pipe is ready to return to service in four hours.


Serline uses 3M’s Skotchkote 166L Rapid Setting PU resin, which is approved by the Drinking Water Inspectorate - DWI Regulation 31(4)(a) and was specifically designed for in situ lining of lead communication and customer service pipes.

The guidelines were revised in December 2013 from a maximum level of 25μg/litre.

Solid track record with UK water companies and contractors

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Key benefits of Serline


No-dig technique is cost effective when compared with traditional methods

More pipes can be lined within a given budget

Customer disruption is minimised, especially when used in combination with the

Aquam Overland Supply Vehicle to keep customers on constant supply during works

Roadworks and the requirement for excavations and barriers is reduced

Fewer vehicle movements and less waste disposal required

Rapid, efficient application

A two-person team can line 10-15 lead communication pipes each day

Same air vortex system used for cleaning and lining techniques

Small site footprint required to accommodate transit van and compressor

Applied resin cures at ambient temperatures without the need for hot air or water

Pipelinings have been undertaken without any excavations on the communication pipes and only one excavation on the distribution main

Minimises risk

Other services such as gas mains, sewerage and electricity and telecommunications cables unaffected

No need for open excavations and pits in footpaths and driveways

No heavy plant required

Operatives are qualified and independently certified

Less exposure to customer service penalties

Versatile, flexible and resilient

Serline can be used on other pipe materials including galvanised steel and copper

The resin is sufficiently flexible to accommodate the malleability and movement of lead pipe, for example, during reconnections or ground movement

Tests shows Serline resin has 50-year design life and helps reduce leakage and improve flow

Meets industry standards

Serline uses a DWI 31(4)(a) approved flexible PU resin system

It is the only in situ lining system to meet the requirements of the new water industry standard WIS 4-02-03. The company, management, operators and equipment have all been independently assessed

Built-in quality assurance

Quality assurance and control (QA/QC) procedures built into application method

Serline vehicle automatically dispenses and checks the resin mix ratio

Automatic audit trail provides water company and contractor data on each lining within minutes of application

Location, mix ratio, resin batch number and pipe operating pressure and dimensions are accessible on a smart phone, computer or other digital device