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Epoxy Pipe Lining

Infrastructure Pipe Rehabilitation

Epoxy pipelining for water, gas and air systems

Aquam’s Nu Flow manufactures and installs advanced pipelining systems for the rehabilitation of deteriorating or failing pipeline infrastructure.

Nu Flow’s Nu Line is a blown-in epoxy coating, proven pipe cleaning technologies and CCTV inspection. 

This versatile system can be used at scale to restore pipeline infrastructure across multiple systems in a multistory building or ship or on a single problematic pipe. Nu Line can be used on small diameters down to 10mm.

WRAS Approved

Nu Line applications

Nu Line can be used on potable pressurised water supply pipes.

Nu Line is applied using a no-dig technique, minimising impact on other infrastructure and disruption to the occupants and users of a facility. It is a permanent solution and a lower cost alternative to ripping-out and replacing pipes.

  • Water and gas service pipes and mains
  • Firewater systems
  • Greywater systems
  • Collection, holding and transfer (CHT) systems
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Industrial process

Nu Line technique

The Nu Line system is delivered at site by skilled technicians working from a specially fitted vehicle carrying a forced-vortex air system.

The stages are:

  1. Warm air is blown through the pipe to dry it.
  2. A safe abrading agent is used to scour away corrosive deposits on the pipe wall.
  3. The pipe is relined using Nu Line epoxy resin, which is blown through the pipe in liquid form.
  4. Lining cures rapidly and normal service can be resumed after 4 hours.

Epoxy coating seals and protects pipes from further deterioration, extending infrastructure lifespan up to 50 years.


CIPP structured liners for drains and sewers

Nu Flow’s Nu Drain cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) structured liners can be pulled or pushed into existing infrastructure and combine with proven pipe-cleaning technologies and CCTV inspection to provide a permanent solution.

The system can be used on small diameter pipes, down to 60mm and up to 600mm (2.5-24 inch).


Nu Drain is installed using no-dig techniques, minimising streetworks and the impact on road users and pedestrians. Buildings and facilities can operate as usual during works with users and occupants unaffected.

Nu Drain CIPP-lining is a permanent, sustainable solution and a lower cost alternative to ripping-out and replacing pipes. Project time can be reduced by months and the transport of materials and landfill waste minimised.

The cured liner creates a new pipe inside the existing pipe, protecting infrastructure from further deterioration and extending lifespan up to 50 years.


Nu Drain technique

The Nu Drain system is delivered at site by skilled technicians working from a specially fitted vehicle.

The stages are:

  1. Specialist pipe-cleaning tools remove reinstate existing pipe.
  2. Polyester tube liner is cut to length and impregnated with epoxy resin.
  3. Liner rolled around inflatable bladder and pulled or pushed into existing pipe using rods.
  4. Bladder inflates with air, pressing liner to the walls of the pipe where it cures in two to three hours. 
  5. Once the material has fully cured, normal service can be resumed after 4 hours.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who/What is Nu Flow?

Nu Flow is a lining company that restores and extends the useful life of pipes and drain lines and a variety of other pipe applications using our proprietary technologies including:

Solutions for HVAC, drain, sewer and storm lines, downpipes, potable water service lines, pool pipe repair, mechanical systems, including chiller systems, hydronic heating & cooling lines and fire suppression systems in commercial, multi-story, residential, municipal, government, hospitality, institutional and medical facilities, naval and seagoing vessels, industrial, oil rigs, gas and petroleum lines and conduit applications.

2. How long has Nu Flow been in business?

Nu Flow began as a new technology company in 1998 manufacturing and installing patented and proprietary trenchless drain and sewer lining solutions.

In 2005, Nu Flow added epoxy coating technology for restoration of potable pipes and mechanical systems. In 2007, Nu Flow acquired several industry partners and added whole structure bio water filtration solutions. In 2008, Nu Flow continued acquiring industry partners and expanded its domestic and overseas presence. In 2009, product and service lines were again expanded to include additional structural and other specialty lining solutions. Nu Flow has over 60 years of combined experience in the application of epoxy coatings and structural pipe lining.

3. How long has the potable technology been around and is it being used anywhere else?

The process has been available in Japan for more than 45 years.

It is in use globally.

4. How does the potable process basically work?

The Nu flow potable process involves the use of conditioned pressurized air to both clean and epoxy line aging and/or failing piping systems.

An abrading agent (garnet) is first used to remove existing corrosion deposits from within the pipes interior wall, followed by the application of our liquid epoxy coating to line the newly cleaned piping. The cured epoxy lining provides an immediate and permanent monolithic barrier within the pipe to prevent further deterioration of the piping.

5. How safe is the cleaning abrasive and more importantly, the epoxy material which remains in the pipe and is in contact with drinking water?

The garnet is silica free and is approved for closed blasting purposes.

The epoxy lining is a 2-part system (base resin and hardener) which is approved for use in potable water (drinking water) systems down to ½” pipe diameter and larger. The material is certified by WRAS in the UK. This standard governs the use of man-made materials in contact with potable water. The epoxy is solvent free, non-toxic and contains no VOC’s.


Download the full FAQs below:

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Aquam Nu Flow is committed to sustainable rehabilitation of pipe infrastructure and is the world leader in small-diameter pipelining solutions.