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Getting the Lead Out

Aug 31, 2015
Government regulations and standards have tightened over the years, driving public and private sectors in the direction of a lead-free environment.
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Contractor Uses CCTV to Rescue Pup Trapped in Drain

Aug 31, 2015
A newborn puppy - still too small to open her eyes - was rescued after being trapped in a drainpipe for nearly 10 hours, according to local news reports.
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Global water leakage creates major growth opportunity

Aug 28, 2015
Aquam Corporation’s CEO Cameron Manners reports on the company’s recent acquisitions of several pipeline-infrastructure service providers to meet this growing demand.
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JD7 to launch pipe condition assessment technologies

Aug 15, 2015
The multi-sensor ultrasonic sonde system has recently completed verification with a number of large UK utilities.
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Institute of Water accredits water networks training course

Nov 21, 2014
A Water Services training course designed to help reduce surge effect in water networks has received a Certificate of Accreditation from the Institute of Water - the first course ever to be accredited by the Institute.
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Water Services Launch Calm Networks Training

Apr 04, 2014
Over the past three years developments in technology has enabled the water industry to combat some of the causes and take steps to reduce failure on the network. Water Services are pleased to announce that they are at the forefront of sharing that knowledge...
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