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Aquam opens pipe diagnostics training centre

Jul 05, 2017
  • Aquam opens pipe diagnostics training centre 
  • Multi-purpose rig demonstrates technologies for water and gas 
  • Centre supports growth of licensees across Europe

DERBY, UK: Aquam Pipe Diagnostics has opened a training and demonstration facility at its headquarters in Derby, UK. Utilities and contractors from across the UK and Ireland joined the company for the launch of the Training & Technology Centre on 11 May 2017.

Aquam Pipe Diagnostics (APD), formerly operating as JD7, specialises in complete analysis of pipeline condition and advanced technologies for leak detection. The new training centre features a multi-purpose rig that replicates water and gas pipelines in the real world. 

Daniel Krywyj, director, Aquam Pipe Diagnostics said, “APD has developed an impressive range of proven technologies for monitoring and assessing pipelines. It is important that operatives understand the full potential of our equipment and learn best practice for putting it to use in the field.

“The new Training & Technology Centre provides us with a controlled environment where we can deliver high quality training to the people using our equipment day-to-day. Trainees can move seamlessly from a comfortable classroom to getting hands-on experience in minutes.”

The new Centre supports growth of ‘Aquam Pipe Diagnostics’ licensee base across Europe. 

Eight technologies for surveying pipes and detecting leaks were demonstrated at the launch day: PipeScan, LDS100, Amplus, Investigator, Investigator Gas, Signus, Service Cam and Periscope Cam.