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UKSTT awards highlights lead pipes project

Dec 04, 2017

A trial project undertaken by Aquam in partnership with Yorkshire Water has been commended in the UK Society of Trenchless Technology (UKSTT) Awards. The Rotherham lead pipe lining project with continuous overland supply was recognised in the award for Innovative Application of Technology at a ceremony in Leeds.

In a first for the water industry, lead service pipes were lined right up to the point of entry to customers’ homes. The Rotherham project involved 1,000 properties and 3,000 linings and was carried out in 14 weeks, completing in February 2017.

There is a requirement for water companies to reduce the levels of lead found in drinking water to below 10μg/l, in accordance with European water quality legislation. However, while utilities have responsibility for communication pipes up to the boundary of the customer’s land, service pipes on the customer side are privately owned.

The trial was supported by industry regulator Ofwat and the local authority. Morrison Utility Services contracted Aquam to undertake relining service pipes in 1,000 council-owned properties supplied by Yorkshire Water. Aquam was identified as the ideal partner, due to its combined package of the Overland Supply Vehicle and Serline advanced pipelining system.

UKSTT says the award recognises projects of all types and sizes where innovative thinking or approaches have enabled successful application of existing systems in unorthodox or creative and clever ways.